Why Digital Valet Parking Podiums?

Recently, I received a text from the ceo of an advertising company leader of the UNITED States, which gave me the easy question: “Peter, can you send me the facts because digital advertising for brand marketing work?» Is she packed for consumers in an annual review meeting with high level of assets of clients (CPG) representatives, including the beautiful people of the source, and ask ourselves ‘ digital advertising really works for brand advertisers? ” First was it stricken this question? Construction of digital signals in the process. What would the world CPG companies to invest heavily? Unilever increased digital advertising expenditure 40 per cent last year spending allocation of 35 per cent of the budget of the United States to digital, while Procter Gamble and United States one third of digital media advertising budget. After the initial shock I am providing the ultimate test for my friend. I believe that the arguments of the brand, to help everyone who becomes a similar way said. 1 units of revenues from digital advertising and ROI Nielsen was studied more than 800 in seven years, in collaboration with more than 300 brands GPC and 80, the correlation between the expenditure for the measurement of the consumer online advertising and offline. Nielsen came to the conclusion that brands can experience a return of almost three dollars incremental sales for every dollar spent on Internet advertising like Valet Parking Podiums, is provided on the basis of information they were buyipod1ng. (2) digital advertising increases average efficiency digital channels A study of Econometrics [PDF] of BrandScience and Microsoft shows that online advertising not only provides excellent ROI performance Yes, but he also, jump to the other media work harder. If results from the difference in yield between studies that have an element in line and that compared with investigators not ROI, impressive-online, add mixture media have a positive effect on the ROI of the campaign by all means of communication from Delta of + 4% for radio + 51% for outdoor and 70% for television. 3 digital advertising is effective during the entire customer journey Automakers are sophisticated users of digital media, McKinsey has analysed 24 customer contact points for more than 9,000 new car buyers better understand the perception of customers premium and purchasing decisions, which leads to interaction with car. Not only has discovered that digital is key to driving perception premium (only surpassed by the experience), discovered that digital channels dominate the way for market («McKinsey cars in this case ‘ the consumer decision journey» frames [CDJ]). When have traditional media brands been limited in their ability to affect the prospects for the entire journey and do it discreetly and granulated. Not so with digital media. 4 mouth is pushing digital advertising scale According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers that the recommendations from family and friends (“mouth”) in all
forms of advertising, and there is little digital advertising Turbo charging doubt channel effective persuasion. ShareThis is a unique look at the phenomenon of Word of mouth; ubiquitous distribution tools allow it, the life of the United States more than 120 Internet users + social media channels and more than 2 million Web site publisher reaches 95%. «A part, the quantification of the monetary value of social exchange “from the quantitative study:”» The recommendations have a greater influence on the decision to buy the consumer as a brand and price – 57% of decisions based on it. Online reservations are almost as valuable as personal recommendations – 9.5% more compared to 10.6% a rather large personal recommendation to buy a product with a great common recommendation is a consumer. On the contrary, a negative recommendation can buy attempt 11% online and 11.2% for a person reduce one. The specific value of shares can be determined by measuring how much more consumers will
pay for a product, if they had an excellent recommendation online (Exchange). ShareThis computes a Delta $3.708 for a family of size car + $24.91 for the Tablet, and + $0.92 for items for the home, for example.

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